digital pedagogy | data literacies | educational change

Dr. Bonnie Stewart is an educator and researcher fascinated by the intersections of knowledge, technology, and identity in contemporary society.
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Assistant Professor of Online Pedagogy and Workplace Learning at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Bonnie examines the implications of digital infrastructures and social networks for institutions and society.

In an era of increasing complexity, Bonnie has the capacity to help people find meaningful ways to work and think together. Based in participatory leadership models, her/their expertise includes digital scholarship, experiential practices, and the changing realities of contemporary higher ed, as well as academic Twitter, educators’ digital and data literacies, and issues of equity and influence in digital publics.

Bonnie has keynoted conferences and workshops throughout North America, and in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Involved in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) research from its early days in Canada, Bonnie has been published in The Conversation,, The Guardian UK, Inside Higher Ed, University Affairs, and Hybrid Pedagogy, as well as peer-reviewed venues. A proud recipient of teaching awards at both University of Windsor and UPEI, Bonnie also serves/has served as a Visiting Fellow with the University of the Arts London (2018-2021) and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2019) in Barcelona. Bonnie facilitates courses in technologies, communications, digital pedagogy, adult education, and leads workshops on digital strategy, data literacies, and digital pedagogies with school systems and in higher ed.

Bonnie thinks best out loud on Twitter as @bonstewart, and writes – sometimes – just to leave a mark in the snow.